• Ergonomisch, kompakt und robust
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 oder Windows CE 5.0
  • GSM/GPRS/Edge Mobilfunk für Sprach- und Datenkommunikation
  • Summit Wi-Fi integriert für “enterprise-class mobility” mit CCX V4 Zertifikat
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Power Adapter Cable

  • 94A051966

Single Cradle Desk (RS232/USB) + Spare Battery Charging

  • 94A151111

Powered Vehicle Dock with serial

  • 94A151121

Multi Battery Charger

  • 94A151123
Shoulder Strap (5 pcs.)
  • 94ACC1240

Belt Holster + Swivel

  • 94ACC1268

Safe Shoulder Strap (5pcs)

  • 94ACC1308

Power Supply Connection to the Memor directly or through the cradle

  • 94ACC1324

Telescopic stylus pen for touch screen (10 pcs)

  • 94ACC1328

UK plug adapter

  • 94ACC1335

European plug adapter

  • 94ACC1339


  • 94ACC1365

Soft Case

  • 94ACC1366
Standard Battery
  • 94ACC1368

Alkaline Adapter CRV2

  • 94ACC1369